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Why you should keep records



Keeping proper records is a legal requirement but also makes good business sense. There are various methods and The Local Bookkeeper can review your current processes to ensure that is sufficient and the most efficient for you and if necessary offer guidance on alternatives and help implement them if required.


Whether you use manual records or a fully computerised system The Local Bookkeeper recommends updating your records on a regular basis to avoid paperwork piling up and to reduce the chances of things getting misplaced or lost. If keeping on top of your bookkeeping is a challenge or a burden you would rather do without speak to us and let us look after things for you.


You need to keep your records for at least 6 years for VAT purposes and 5 years from the latest date for filing your Self Assessment Tax Return. HM Revenue & Customs may request to review your records and if you cannot provide sufficient evidence of income and expenditure you could end up paying more tax than you should. It is therefore important to ensure you have complete and accurate records.


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